Games Rabbits Play

In the years I have had rabbits (usually only one at a time), I have found a lot of enjoyment from their playing games with me and with each other. These games are often recognizable as games we played when we were children.

One game I found myself playing with my first rabbit was "hide and seek." She would go hide under a bush or something, but as soon as we made eye contact, she would come out. After I did this one time, I went back into the house into the bathroom. Soon the rabbit, who did not usually go into the bathroom, came looking for me. I realized that it had been my "turn" to hide, and she had "found" me.

Another time she led me on a chase up hills and through bushes, and when I was about worn out I spied a flash from the corner of my eye. When I staggered back into the house, she was sitting smugly waiting for my return.

My next group of rabbits played follow-the-leader. One day I found Virginia, followed by the other bunnies, all in single file, going up and down the furniture and in and out of the lower kitchen cabinets.

The rabbit I have now is more aggressive than the others I have had. His game is "bull and bullfighter." He charges at me with a growl and bumps me. I clap my hands and he wheels and goes back to make another charge.

In each of these cases, there was no training in- volved--the games were their idea. But it has made my rabbits really fun to be around.

John B. Miller (rabbit)

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