Quaker Parrot Diet

Why do we take the time to feed the best possible diet to our pet Quakers? Because like humans, diet has a direct impact on how long our birds live and the quality of their lives. Parrot diet can be a somewhat controversial subject.

It seems that even the experts can't completely agree on what foods provide a nutritious and balanced diet for birds. Based on both personal experience and research, Kyra Brown discusses her own thoughts regarding Quaker Parrot diet in the following article. Here's an excerpt:

"Simply put, our Quakers should eat as we should. Not as we do, however. Quakers are somewhat prone to fatty liver disease and hypertension, and therefore it is extremely important to offer them only foods that are low in saturated fats and sodium (salt).
There is some debate over the ratio in which our birds should eat, but it is somewhere between 60%/40% pellets-fresh food and 80%/20% pellets/fresh food. Your Quaker will probably set its own pace somewhere within that acceptable range."

To learn more about the best foods to feed your Quaker, please click through to The Best Quaker Parrot Diet. A list of toxic foods is included at the end of the article.

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